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Everyone has a story... Tell Yours

Tentmaker Video


Video does not have to be complex or super-expensive.

We simplify the process so your vision becomes reality.

Creating Videos Through the Art of Storytelling

Video offers the unique ability to engage people, stir emotions, create memories...

all while telling a story. It allows moments in time to be re-lived and shared. 

Building Integrity. Creating Value.

We believe the WHY and HOW things are done is just as important as the WHAT.


Our pleasure comes from seeing people's passion be displayed and saved...

to be remembered forever by themselves and others.


Services Offered

We have one mission: to tell your story. Whether a once-in-a lifetime event, a special occasion you want to remember, or to promote what your business does... we can help you capture and share YOUR story. Click one of the category options below to see some of our sample videos: 


Working With You


We help you prepare and organize your ideas upfront.

We'll give you suggestions as needed...

But in the end, it is your results that are always

our priority.


We'll work hard to plan and execute your vision...

From prep work and setup, and filming to conclusion - we'll be there each step of the way, making sure your satisfaction is met.


Editing and delivering your dream is our goal: Posting online, creating digital files, or burning a DVD - whatever you need, we will strive to make it happen! 


Our Latest Work:

Real Estate Tour

Below is a video walk-through of a "For Sale By Owner".

A great way to pre-qualify a prospect before an in-person appointment

is made, allowing a potential buyer to "see" before visiting.